Master driving performance

Key Driving Competences' Event Based Scoring Solution (EcoScore) takes away the discussions about performance and efficiency amongst managers of transport companies and their drivers. EcoScore is a driver performance management tool that brings personalized feedback on driver performance in an objective and convincing way resulting in sustainable fuel savings and carbon footprint reduction independently of road and traffic conditions or vehicle type and weight.


  • Informs you with objective, precise and correct data related to driver and vehicle performance
  • Reduces fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs
  • Truck (Heavy Vehicle)/Bus brand independent solution
  • Supports driver incentive schemes
  • Protects and sustains your training investments
  • Increases driver motivation and professional competences

Analyse driving style

Too often drivers are measured on quantitative parameters instead of qualitative scoring.
Drivers are compared on the number of breaks or gear shifts per miles. As the circumstances (e.g. city or long haul, traffic jam, weather conditions) are too different quantitative score cards are ineffective and sometimes counterproductive.

Event based scoring

Transport companies using KDC's Event Based Scoring Solution (EcoScore), evaluate their drivers far more: effective technology converts all driver actions into event queues which are then scored into 5 easy to understand driving competences: anticipation, gearing, idling, acceleration and correct use of the vehicle and engine technology.

Monitor driving competences

The KDC EcoScore algorithms have identified which driver competences will lead to high scores and consequently to lower fuel consumption, taking into account the vehicle weight and payload.
Managers have access to the leaderboards which identify the driver champions or detect those drivers who need extra training on a specific competence.
Changing driving behaviour is an ongoing challenge for you and your drivers. The EcoScore helps to feed your incentive policy rewarding good habits or indicating the need for retraining within your company.

Learn more about KDC's approach on qualitative analysis of driving competences