Since 2012 each Polish HSF driver was trained with the KDC tool KDTS into ‘Attitude Eco-proactive driving’ as part of Ecoeffect project. Due to our investments in training and fleet efficiency, we could reduce fuel consumption with more than 7% and lower the number of fleet accidents with 19%. For the same group of trained drivers, the individual driver performance increased with 10 points global Ecoscore, up to 6 months after training.

Gerard Reijers, HSF

Training tool KDTS

The ever increasing competition and rising fuel prices are putting enormous pressure on transport companies to manage their operational costs and carbon footprint. More and more, professional drivers will have a significant impact on the TCO regardless the evolving truck technology.
Performing practical training with KDTS guarantees an objective analysis and evaluation of the driving competences of your drivers.

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Training services

ATM model: Assessment- Training- Monitoring
The success of fleet and fuel efficiency programs depends on the deployment of an integrated approach to assess, train and follow-up drivers using smart technologies. In order to support corporate customers, KDC has developed a strong training methodology combined with an intelligent technology that supports the following training programmes.

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Too often professional drivers are measured on quantitative parameters instead of qualitative scoring.
EcoScore is a driver performance management tool that brings personalized feedback on driver performance in an objective and convincing way resulting in sustainable fuel savings and carbon footprint reduction independently of road and traffic conditions or vehicle type and weight.

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Weight algorithm

Managers in transport companies all know that fuel consumption is influenced by external factor as traffic circumstances, weather conditions, load and others. KDC gives you the tools to fine-tune your cost calculation by estimating the total vehicle load during driving.

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