In November 2013, KDC finalised his participation in European Ecoeffect project (15/07/2014)

ECOeffect is a high-quality eco-driving programme combining the latest technology, advanced training techniques and monitoring tools for the most efficient fuel cost reduction across Europe. With the support of the European Commission it helps to promote the integration of an eco-driving training module into professional driver qualification and certification.

ECOeffect project offers two eco-driving courses:

• EDP: The EDP is a one-day driver training programme. It is a mix of theoretical classroom theory on eco-driving and road safety, extended with a practical driving exercise on public roads.

• TTT: The Train-the-Trainer programme has been developed to improve the methods, knowledge and skills of trainers who train professional truck drivers. It is a three-day training programme combining the latest theoretical insights on fuel efficiency with practical driving exercices to practice on efficient and pro-active driving.

Key Driving Competences (KDC) was one of the leading consortium members in the European Ecoeffect project.
KDC was involved in several work packages and entitled to :

  • Provide the training tool EETS to Ecoeffect customers;
  • Develop the training materials for both programmes EDP and TTT;
  • Roll-out and support the ECOeffect training methodology in the above mentioned countries and abroad.

At the end of the project in November 2013, the Ecoeffect project has succeeded in training 2,315 professional truck drivers in Poland, Romania and Czech Republic. The group of trained drivers realized significant savings in fuel consumption and CO2-emission of -5.14% during their daily activities.

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