The measurable impact of eco-proactive driving training at the longer term

In 2011, an international food and beverage company located in Belgium decided to set up a programme to reduce CO2 emissions and car accident rates amongst their group of Benelux drivers.

KDC organised a practical Eco-proactive driving training for 1200 drivers of light commercial vehicles over 6 company locations.

In order to create awareness and to promote the intrinsic motivation to change their driving style after training, all trainees were followed and supported via the online tool Due to the continuous assessment of their drivers, the company succeeded in reducing the fuel consumption up to 12%, measured untill 12 months after training.

Transics International

In 2009 KDC set up a partnership with TRANSICS INTERNATIONAL, the European market leader of on-board computers for trucks who has integrated the KDC EcoScore into their application. Today about 12,000 trucks are reporting on a daily basis driving behavior of the drivers based on the KDC TX-Eco algorithm.
The Dutch company HSF Logistics has installed the TX-Eco solution on more than 600 vehicles operating within Europe. For HSF, the EcoScore functionality is the first solution that enables them to have a clear insight in the driver performance in an objective, comprehensive and efficient way without struggling through piles of paper. Investing in eco-driving training for all their drivers, the HSF Polska subsidiary obtained fuel savings up to 7% within 10 months after training and a reduction of their vehicle damage rate with 30%.

Michelin Solutions

Group Michelin is taking another step to reinforce its credentials as more than a tire company, launching - in a new company Michelin Solutions - “Effifuel”, a multi-faceted consultancy approach to helping commercial vehicle fleets reduce their fuel consumption.

Effifuel integrates the main factors that influence vehicle fuel consumption, with driver training and support, the deployment of a dedicated team of 'Fuel Analysts' to design actions that improve fuel efficiency and the implementation of systems to ensure real-time traceability of vehicle data.

In 2013 KDC signed an agreement with Michelin Solutions to license its software for use in Michelin Solutions Effifuel project. In this project KDC is working together with Atos Worldline who is Michelin Solutions' “Connected Vehicle Platform” Provider.

Among the key parameters of Effifuel are:

  • Performance objectives that are contractually guaranteed, with gains shared with the customer;
  • The integration of an array of action drivers that include more than just the tire;
  • The support of an ecosystem of partners that are experts in a variety of fields—such as training, telematics and electronics—to deliver an integrated solution; and
  • A money-back guarantee if the objectives are not met.


KDC has signed a partnership with the IRU (International Road Transport Union) who offers through the IRU Academy to their ATI's ( Accredited Traininig Institutes) worldwide the Ecoeffect training methodology and programme as a standard for eco-driving.

Since 2011, the ECOeffect project consortium has been established to deliver road transport professional training capacity building and market stimulation in the Czech Republic, Poland and Romania to support the development of eco-driving schemes.

ECOeffect aimed to provide knowledge and skills to transport operators and training centres interested in establishing eco-driving capacity that yields results. This programme includes techniques, training and certification, as well as fuel management capacity (i.e. a monitoring tool) for the most efficient fuel cost reduction training scheme across Europe. ECOeffect's objective was also to position eco-driving as an essential component of professional driver qualification to directly support the EU transport policies that aim to establish a more competitive and resource-efficient transport system.

KDC was one of the leading consortium members to provide the training tool EETS, to develop the training material and to roll-out the ECOeffect training methodology in the above mentioned countries and abroad.

Since the project has officially finished in November 2013, these overall project results are obtained:

  • 83 instructors trained to build training capacity in their market
  • 2,315 drivers trained in eco-driving with EETS
  • 7,731 tonnes saved in road transport CO2 emissions
  • 3,514,139 EUR saved in fuel costs

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Public transport De Lijn

Since 2011 ‘De Lijn’ uses the KDTS as training tool during their internal practical eco-driving trainings. In 2013, XXXX Flemish bus drivers have been trained using the KDTS to register and analyse the training results and driving performance. Within this group, the average increase in fuel efficiency reaches 9%. These results are obtained on trainings trips which represent the Belgian traffic circumstances for bus drivers working in a intercity area. Based on these results, the customer ‘De Lijn’ has decided to continue with applying this training methodology into their training department and extended their licences for the use of KDTS internally.

Comfort Score for Bus

In order to test the pertinence of the Comfort Score for buses, a study was made at “De Lijn”, a major public transport bus company in Belgium (about 4,000 buses).

Objective: to evaluate the Comfort Score comparing the output with the driver's evaluation given by the instructors.

Trips were driven by the company's drivers in the presence of their driving instructors as part of their annual training while being recorded (without them being aware). The trip data were analysed by the Comfort Score algorithms and at the same time the bus drivers were scored by their instructors. These preliminary test show that there is strong correlation between the scoring given by the instructor and the scoring given by the Comfort Score algorithm. In general, drivers that received a high score by the instructor also received a high score from the algorithm and vice-versa. More interestingly, we found a good sensitivity of the Comfort Score towards the instructions given in the training.

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