The ultimate tool to perform a standard training

Companies can save money and create positive image by investing in their drivers attitude. KDTS is the instrument to bring the competence and safety profile of your drivers to a higher and uniform level, whatever part of the world you drivers are working.

The Key Driving Training System (KDTS) is a complete tool running on a laptop or tablet that is easily connected via an interface to the vehicle's electronic system.

KDTS real-time reporting for your trainers

Thanks to the CAN-bus connection, the KDTS real-time reporting provides your trainers with an extra set of eyes and sensors during training sessions.
Comparing training trips before and after training using quantitative data is made easy with the KDTS. Trainers can now clearly explain the origin of the increased fuel efficiency: e.g.: longer coasting, less braking, stability of the speed, more time and distance spent in higher gears.
The vast amount captured and recorded training data is not only an excellent basis to manage your driver data but also indicates if your team of trainers are performing at the required level.


  • Improves the quality of your trainers' competences by providing them with precise and objective training data (Trainers love this tool)
  • Increases the awareness of your drivers about fuel savings and driver competences
  • Identifies areas to improve driver performance
  • Provides an assessment tool for new hires
  • Archives data easily for reporting
  • Provides independent solution that works on all brands of trucks and buses
  • Installs easily
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