I'm glad that I had the opportunity to follow this course as I see a clear change in my behavior with positive effects on consumption, safety and reduced stress. ... My top three tips: keep more distance, drive at a steady speed and optimize gear shifts. This has become an automatism and really makes a difference, as your instructors had promised!

Best regards, A.D.

Training tool KDTS

Fleet Managers do care about their employees' driving behaviour and safety. The KDTS is the ideal instrument to perform eco-driving and safety trainings in all your locations according to a uniform and qualified methodology.

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Training services

Based on more than 10 years of experience as expert trainers, KDC has established a reference in organizing practical eco-proactive and safe driving courses for light vehicles. Savings in fuel consumption between 7 and 10% are realistic.

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Safety score

An important trend in eco-drive solutions is the shift from off-line scoring to real-time analytics by providing real-time feed-back and guidance to drivers. We provide solutions that are capable of delivering signals in real time to the drivers analysing their safety and risk profile.

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Reverse Engineering — Capture and understand vehicle CAN data

The availability of contextual data in a vehicle provides the opportunity to share the most relevant information with the driver at the most relevant time.

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