Take a look at the training results obtained by ‘De Lijn’ in Belgium: they trained more than 1000 Flemish busdrivers in 2013 using the KDTS in their training vehicles. Cumulated, they saved up to 9% in fuel consumption during training while maintaining their average speed and increasing the comfort level for passengers.


Training tool KDTS

The rising fuel prices and the need to reduce the environmental impact are main topics on the agenda of public transport companies. They are aware of the impact drivers have on the company's image related to safety and environmental damage.
The training tool KDTS can help these public transport companies to create a more responsible driver attitude and to manage and keep track the effectiveness of internal training courses.

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Training services

Investing in practical eco-proactive driving training is the proven solution to reduce fuel consumption, reduce the accident rate and improve the driver's motivation and self esteem.

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Comfort score

Do you need to have an insight in the performance of your drivers related to safety and passenger comfort?
The Comfort Score for buses performs a consolidated analysis on parameters that are indicative for measuring the aspects of safe, comfortable and economical driving.

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